Cut Out the Darkness

Hello BoveyBlog readers! Happy New Year to you!

Recently, I created a cutout artwork for Panasonic’s “Cut Out the Darkness” project. It is part of their 100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project which delivers solar powered lanterns to people in regions without electricity.

My lantern is called “City Lights” and you can see the 360 views of the lantern and my profile here.


Do you know that there are over a billion people (1 in 5) on earth living without electricity?

I love this project.

Panasonic initially launched the project inviting me and ten other artists to create the solar lanterns. Now you can also upload your lantern artwork and Panasonic will produce and deliver to the people in need.

The Web site, Cut Out the Darkenss | Panasonic Global, has all the information about how to submit your artwork and instructions on using the cutout app.