“Bamboo Ballet” in ART HK 12

Overlapping BLOOM/Bovey Lee was ART HK, a major international art fair in Hong Kong. ART HK last year attracted approximately 60,000 audiences in just a short few days.

Acquired by and produced with Art Basel, ART HK 12 took place on two floors at the sprawling and enormous Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre from May 17-20. I had the pleasure to attend this year and my cut paper “Bamboo Ballet” was shown with Grotto Fine Art, a leading contemporary gallery representing my work in Hong Kong.

Below is a slide show of the art fair during the VIP preview on May 16.

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“Push Paper” – A New Book Featuring My Cut Paper Works

Got a heavy box today and in it came with five copies of Push Paper, a new book by Jaime Zollars. It’s a very well-designed, hard cover book featuring 30 contemporary paper artists with text.

Over six pages, Jaime selected my “Atomic Jellyfish,” “Little Crimes I,” “Rescue Mission,” The Butterfly Gown III, “Beach Ball Blast,” and “The Bird That Thinks It’s A Plane.” Click to see larger images.

Push Paper, hard cover, Lark Books, 2011

Push Paper, p.44-45

Push Paper, p. 46-47

Push Paper, p.48-49

Among the thirty artists in this beautiful book are some familiar names, such as Peter Callesen, Jen Stark, Mia Pearlman, Andrea Dezso, Chris Natrop, and many more. Published by Lark: New York, New York, 2011.

Paper Surgery

Besides the good old hobby knife, there are cut paper artists using scalpel. I had not cut with scalpel before but am cutting a new piece with it now. Someone sent me the surgical scalpel with Zirconium Nitride coating on the #11 blade, the same coating that makes the blade sharper and stays sharp longer.

After cutting with it for a couple of hours last night, it felt extremely sharp I must say and I have not switched to a new blade so far. The blade and scalpel are designed for surgeons but who is to say I am not one? I just operate on paper.

Surgical scalpel and blade

Surgical scalpel and Zirconium Nitride #11 blade

* model names and numbers on scalpel and blade have been digitally removed.

My Solo Exhibition “Paper Streets” Opens Tomorrow at 709 Penn, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Folding Chairs

Folding Chairs (details), cut Tyvek on glass, site specific installation, dimension varies, 2011

My Cut Paper Works on Huffington Post

A slide show of 13 images of my cut paper works is featured on Huffington Post today in the Arts section.

For those of you who know my works, I created the “Tsunami” and “Power Plant” series in 2008-2009. In that two years, the massive earthquake in China occurred, the US government approved off-shore drilling, and the security and safety of the nuclear plants across the country and the world were questioned.

Unfortunately, some of these crisis are confronting the people of Japan and their beautiful country. My thoughts are with them everyday.



My cut paper works on Huffington Post, April 7, 2011

Basic Chinese Paper Cutting Patterns

What are the basic cutting patterns in Chinese paper cutting?

They are extremely simplified and stylized forms depicting things in nature. Below are some examples taken from my paper cutouts.

1. Sun

2. Moon

3. Water Drop

4. Cloud

5. Leaf

6. Thorn

“Small Yet Weighty”

After a long wait, today I got The Holland Paper Biennial catalogue in the mail. Sharing with you is the cover and one of the pages featuring my works.

The heading is “Small Yet Weighty,” art critic Frank van der Ploeg wrote:

It would take more words and paper than the space the artwork itself takes up to describe in detail a papercut artwork by Bovey Lee. Her fantastic sense of detail makes the inventorying of the figures and scenic environment and the expounding of the narrative elements a hopeless task.

bovey lee paper cutout

Holland Paper Biennial 2010 catalogue