Gallery shots of Bovey Lee: Undercurrents at Nevada Museum of Art

Thanks Brian Eyler, Registrar of the Nevada Museum of Art for taking these photos. Bovey Lee: Undercurrents is on view now and runs thru Janurary 2, 2013.


Upcoming Solo Exhibition at Nevada Museum of Art, USA

I am pleased to announce my upcoming solo exhibition, Bovey Lee: Undercurrents, at Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, Nevada, USA.

Nevada Museum of Art supports art that concerns the environment. I will be showing several signature cut paper works, including “Power Plant – The Butterfly Dream.”

Bovey Lee: Undercurrents opens on September 8 and thru January 2, 2013.

New Book Inclusions

What the Monarch Remembers II

Upper wings: Plane riders on burning snow mountains

Lower wings: Windmill blowing cars in the sky

What the Monarch Remembers II, rice paper cutout, 4.75x3.20", 2010

Open studio

I had an open studio this past Saturday for a group of guests. I didn’t do a lot of it because of my exhibition schedules; it is sometimes difficult to keep enough inventory for myself. But this past one, the timing worked out for me to have some works back from recent exhibitions before sending them out again. I managed to have about thirty cutouts, a third of them new works, to display not only in the studio but throughout the apartment. Majority of them are small to medium size. Since it is not an exhibition, I focused on showing the creative process with tools and materials, drawings, computer renderings, work in progress, unframed cutouts, and framed works organized so guests had a good idea what it took and was involved.

The Butterfly Gown I, II, and III to Debut at ARTHK10

ARTHK10 reflects Hong Kong’s ‘Gateway’ status in presenting a leading showcase art fair for international contemporary art in Asia. The art fair takes place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from May 27-30, 2010.

Click on the image below to see more details:

The Butterfly Gown I, II, & III

The Butterfly Gown I, II, & III, rice paper cutouts on silk, 16x16" each, 2010

What the Monarch Remembers

This is a new miniature I just completed tonight. I very seldom fold the paper in half to cut but the symmetry of the monarch butterfly called for it. Here’s the template and finished cutout side by side.

Cutting miniature is, in fact, more difficult than large pieces because everything is so much smaller. In order to show detail that my works are known for, in a miniature it becomes more demanding and challenging.

The idea behind “What the Monarch Remembers” is from the monarch butterflies’ fall migration. They somehow miraculously find their way. So I imagine a monarch butterfly remembers what it saw during the long journey from the North to Mexico.

In this tiny piece, the monarch butterfly remembers seeing trees being cut down and a stormy ocean with birds circling above the clouds and lightning bolts.

The dimension of this paper cutout is determined by the wing span of the monarch butterfly – usually no greater than 4.75 inches.

What the Monarch Remembers

What the Monarch Remembers, template and rice paper cutout, 4.75x3.20", 2010