Slide Show: From Start to Finish

It’s been a really long time since my last post and it feels great to be back!

Thanks to those of you who keep reading BoveyBlog.

This year has been totally insane and it is astonishing we are in November already. Where does the time go?

Oh, right, mine all went to cutting paper. Many people are curious how I create my work.

Here’s a slide show that offers insight into what it takes for me to make a cut paper piece. Hope you enjoy it.

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BLOOM / Bovey Lee – Upcoming Solo Exhibition

My third solo exhibition at Grotto Fine Art opens on May 9, 2012. In “Bloom,” I will showcase a collection of cut paper that many are inspired by my recent visit to Beijing since my first time there in 1989.

Power, sacrifice, and survival are the underlying themes that connect all my cut paper. The works in “Bloom” explores how our occupational roles affect rampant urbanization and adapt to the ever-changing natural landscape.

I have completed all the works in the show and am working with Grotto’s designer on the richly illustrated catalog.

Solo exhibition title: BLOOM

Opening reception: 5:30-8pm, Wednesday, May 9

Exhibition dates: May 9–June 3, 2009

Venue: Grotto Fine Art, Hong Kong

For more information and images, visit



“Black Water”

Worked on it all day again and it’s done.

"Black Water," installation, 23'x10'x11', 2010

Birds' view

Birds mapping the Gulf Coast line

Crane submerged in black water

Just shadows

Heat sensitive paper crane changing color reacting to touch

“Black Water” – My First Installation In Progress

I have been diligently working on my first installation titled “Black Water” that responds to the oil spill off the Gulf Coast.

The completed installation will be exhibited in “Touch Me Please” at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, opening on September 10 from 5:30-8pm. The exhibition runs through November 7.  Eric Shiner, Curator of The Andy Warhol Museum, juried and curated the show.

Here are some photos taken in my studio and at the gallery. The installation will be in a 200+sq. ft. space.

"Black Water," hanging paper cranes traced the Gulf Coast line on the ceiling

"Black Water," installation in progress, 2010

"Black Water," folding and hanging approx. 200 paper cranes in the gallery

"Black Water," cutout in progress, approx. 45"x30 feet, studio shot

"Black Water," cutout in progress