My work in The Armory Show and Scope, New York

I came back from New York last week to attend the Armory Show and Scope. I had works in both art fairs. In The Armory Show, Gavlak Gallery that represents me in Palm Beach, Florida chose “Rolling Roses.” At Scope, Grotto Fine Art showed “Wingtip Voyage,” “Dragging Cows Up a Tree,” and “Wash, Cut, Dry.”

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From left: Wingtip Voyage, Dragging Cows Up a Tree, Wash, Cut Dry, at Scope New York with Grotto FIne Art, Mar 6-10, 2013

Grotto Fine Art booth, Scope New York, Mar 6-10, 2013

Grotto Fine Art booth, Scope New York, Mar 6-10, 2013

"Rolling Roses" in The Armory Show with Gavlak Gallery, Mar 6-10, 2013

“Rolling Roses” in The Armory Show with Gavlak Gallery, Mar 6-10, 2013


The Miami Project – A New Art Fair – December 4-9, 2012

I will have works in a new art fair, The Miami Project, with Rena Bransten Gallery from December 4-9. The Miami Project has sponsorship from Miami MOCA and I will show five cut paper works. If you are in or visiting Miami next week, please stop by and check it out.

The Miami Project with Rena Bransten Gallery, December 4-9, 2012

The Miami Project with Rena Bransten Gallery, December 4-9, 2012

Here are the works that will be in The Miami Project:

Bovey Lee, "Lifting Clouds", 2012

Bovey Lee, “Lifting Clouds”, 2012

Bovey Lee, "Pulling Seashells", 2012

Bovey Lee, “Pulling Seashells”, 2012

Bovey Lee, "Vase I", 2012

Bovey Lee, “Vase I”, 2012

Bovey Lee, "Vase I", 2012

Bovey Lee, “Vase I”, 2012

Bovey Lee, "Power", 2012

Bovey Lee, “Power”, 2006

“Bamboo Ballet” in ART HK 12

Overlapping BLOOM/Bovey Lee was ART HK, a major international art fair in Hong Kong. ART HK last year attracted approximately 60,000 audiences in just a short few days.

Acquired by and produced with Art Basel, ART HK 12 took place on two floors at the sprawling and enormous Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre from May 17-20. I had the pleasure to attend this year and my cut paper “Bamboo Ballet” was shown with Grotto Fine Art, a leading contemporary gallery representing my work in Hong Kong.

Below is a slide show of the art fair during the VIP preview on May 16.

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ART HK 12 – International Art Fair

Overlapping my solo exhibition, BLOOM/Bovey Lee, in Hong Kong is ART HK, a major international art fair newly acquired by Art Basel. All eyes will be on Hong Kong and this art fair coming May 17–20.

About ART HK:

“Back for its fifth year, ART HK 12 will take place 17-20 May 2012, preview 16 May, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). This year, ART HK 12 will showcase the very best in contemporary art from 266 galleries representing 39 International territories. Widely acknowledged as an important platform for networking in the international art community, ART HK brings together leading collectors, curators, artists and galleries from across Asia and the rest of the world.

ART HK 12 is produced in collaboration with Art Basel.”

I am very pleased to be showing in the art fair again with Grotto Fine Art, a leading art gallery in Hong Kong that represents my works.


Works in SCOPE New York 2012

I will have two cut paper works, “Wash, Cut, Dry” and “Rescue Mission, ” showing with my Hong Kong gallery, Grotto Fine Art, at SCOPE in New York. The art fair is just across from The Armory Show and will be held from March 7 – 11.

Some Thoughts on Miami Art Fairs

I have been showing and visiting Miami’s art fairs for several years. This year, I had works in both Pulse with Rena Bransten (left image) and Scope/Art Asia with Grotto Fine Art (right image).

Every year, I find myself asking the same question – is the art better in some art fairs than the others? Or is it just better press, lighting, location, and presentation? The other revelation is that the art world is incredibly competitive. I knew that long ago and it has always been that way, but being confronted by it is different. There’s so much art out there.

Sometimes seeing too much is like seeing nothing at all.

Everyone was at Art Basel. In a sea of art, a few managed to catch my attention. One is Do-Ho Suh’s “Home Within Home” series. I have been head over heels in love with his works forever. In this series, the soft, baby blue mesh fabric was sewn into light switches, faucets, toilet seat, shower head, sink, and other home items. I just love, love, love the simplicity, contrast, and intimacy his works evoke. They are not loud, brightly colored, shocking, or oversized. They are refreshingly the opposite.

When my feet got really tired, I rested in those little wooden pods Art Basel built that also showed videos. Good idea. The one I was watching and liked is “Casting Jesus” by Christian Janowski.

And of course, Takashi Murakami’s gigantic plush doll. I am a fan of his work and mostly how he builds his career.

It was quite moving to see old masters like Picasso, Chagall, and my favorite De Chirico at a few of the booths. Their works offered a sense of safety. There seems to be a bit more classical (bankable) masters at the fair this year.

That’s it.

I am still dizzy but happy.

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