Bovey Lee

Bovey Lee

Bovey Lee was born in Hong Kong and is known for her intricate cut paper. She received her first MFA in painting from the University of California, Berkeley; a second MFA in computer graphics and interactive media from Pratt Institute, New York; and her BA in fine arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Selected awards include the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Vira I. Heinz Endowment, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council Artist Career Grants, the San Francisco Foundation, among others.

Recent exhibitions include Nevada Museum of Art (2012); the National Glass Centre, United Kingdom (2008); Museum Bellerive, Switzerland (2009); Museum Rijswijk, The Netherlands (2010); Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum, Japan (2011); and Hugo Boss at IFC Shanghai, China (2012).

Lee’s work is in the collections of the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Oxford University, United Kingdom; Hong Kong Museum of Art; The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Progressive Corporate Art Collection, USA; BNY Mellon Corporate Art Collection, USA; and Fidelity Corporate Art Collection, USA.

Her work is represented by Grotto Fine Art, Hong Kong; Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, USA; and Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Bovey has lectured at Nevada Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Art, Hong Kong Museum of Art, The Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing), California College of the Arts, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Asian American Arts Center (New York), and others.

Her cut paper is published in numerous books including Hong Kong Eye (Skira, Milan); Material World (Virgin Books, London); Paradise of Paper Art (Designerbooks, Beijing); Paper Works (Sandu Cultural Media, Guangdong); Push Paper (Lark Books, New York); L’art de la découpe (Editions Alternatives, Paris); The New Encyclopedia of Origami and Papercraft Techniques (Quarto, London); and Papercraft, Papercraft 2, and Illusive 3 (Gelstaten, Berlin).

Bovey Lee lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I’m a VCE student in Melbourne, Australia, and I am required to complete a final paper on a post 1970’s artist of my choice. I came across your work, and as a longtime admirer of papercutting, was absolutely transfixed. I was wondering if possible, that you would be able to supply me with a more comprehensive bio. and some information about your techniques, particularly mounting and cutting to allow me to complete this paper. Not sure if you are able to access my email address through these comments.

    Thanks Heaps, Maddy

    • Maddy,

      Thanks for your email. I appreciate your interest in my works. For my bio and information on cut paper techniques, you can find a lot of materials from my blog, BoveyBlog, which you visited. Under the “your questions” and “tools and materials” categories, you can find more specific answers.

      Recently, I did an interview with a newly launched design philosophy Web site called Savant. Below is a link to the interview that offers in-depth Q&A:


      There are also plenty of images and info on my Web site as well, click the link at my signature line.

      Let me know if I can answer any questions that you cannot find from these sources and good luck on your paper.



      Bovey Lee Studio http://www.boveylee.com BoveyBlog Facebook

      • Thanks for all the help, was just wondering about your mounting techniques and the weight of your paper, as it all looks amazingly strong and solid, yet your attachment is practically invisible.



      • Maddy,

        The paper I primarily use, Chinese rice (Xuan) paper is tissue thin. There are different varieties and thickness by adding single-ply on top of each other by traditional wet mounting technique. You can do a Google search of Chinese rice paper for more information. It is, however, quite dense because of the long fibers of mulberry tree barks and other materials.

        My cut paper works are mounted in between two pieces of plexiglass. Strategic areas are glued down keep the piece in place. My works may appear strong but in reality they are quite fragile.

        Hope I answered your questions,


        Bovey Lee Studio http://www.boveylee.com BoveyBlog Facebook

  2. Hi,
    My name is Ellie Zhu, and I am working on a documentary piece about paper-cut artists in New York City. I think your works are incredible, but you are not living in NYC. I am wondering do you know any great paper-cut artist in NYC?


  3. Hi Prof. Lee,
    Congratulations on your success! Your work is absolutely beautiful and so intricate! I’m not sure if you remember me, I was a student in your Digital Imaging and Graphic Design courses back in 2008/2009 at the University of Pittsburgh (which I learned so much from!) I am writing because I have a quick question about a fellowship opportunity and I was wondering if email is the best way to reach you. Thank you again and congratulations!
    Best wishes,
    -Stefani Allegretti

  4. Hi
    I would like to ask some questions about your artwork:
    Can you describe what is your style and what are your ideas?
    Thank you

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