New Year New Look – What Do You Think?

Dear BoveyBlog readers,

What do you think about this new look for 2014?

I’d love some feedback!


3 thoughts on “New Year New Look – What Do You Think?

  1. Hi Bovey,

    Did you really only get one comment??? Then again I haven’t looked at your blog for probably over a year, so I can’t talk!

    I can’t remember the differences between the new look and what it was, but I can say that I have found your blog and website such great viewing and reading over the last few years. It was because of your work that I started making paper cuts as their own thing, rather than a step in a printing process, and I am hooked. Next to figure out how to make them delicate but stiff enough like yours so they can be displayed vertically on a wall (any tips… ?!).

    Anyway, I was just surprised you didn’t get more of a response – and that you seem to have stopped blogging? – so I thought I’d say hi and that it looks great.

    Thanks for the inspiration,

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