A Conversation With Bovey Lee – Paper Runway Interview

The first and last questions from Paper Runway:

Tell us a bit about you and your background

I grew up in Hong Kong with my parents and two sisters. When we were young, we learned to play the piano but I found it boring. I did much better in art, learning Chinese calligraphy at age ten and painting and drawing in my formative years. In 1993, I came to the United States for graduate school and have been living here ever since.

Answer these short questions

* Tea or coffee: Tea
* Sweet or savoury: both
* Heels or flats: flats
* Night or day: night
* Romance or comedy: comedy

Read the entire interview:


Baking McMansion, cut rice paper on silk, 2011

The Cutting Edge – A Poem by E. Ethelbert Miller


      (for Bovey)

is not paper

it is something

at times
bleeding (but free).

The artist
must take

a knife
to the world.

   – E. Ethelbert Miller

Ethelbert Miller is my friend, a poet, author, and literary activist based in Washington D.C.