10 Most Amusing Comments About My Cutouts From Bloggers

  1. “Yikes! That has to be lasercut for sure, right?”
  2. “we must all pitch in some $ to get this artist a neck/shoulder/hand massage!”
  3. “I don’t even understand this. I mean, okay, so you cut out some incredibly detailed designs from paper using an X-acto knife…I get that. How the hell do you hang it and keep it from becoming a droopy mess inside ten seconds? Spray starch? Space-age polymers? Magic? Oh, who cares? It’s amazing.”
  4. “I think my fingers are sore just from looking at these.”
  5. “All of her paper cuts are on Chinese rice paper. Those bad boys are thin thin thin, FYI.”
  6. “My head hurts thinking about how long it takes to make these.”
  7. X-Acto should give her some sort of sponsorship.”
  8. “Bovey Lee is contemporary, certainly not Chinese, however.
  9. Sorry I started looking at other of Bovey Lee’s work, it is Chinese.”
  10. “I would cut all my fingers off with the little x-acto knife.” 


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