Practice Makes the Master

When I learned German in college, the very first principle my teacher taught was: Übung macht den Meister, i.e., Practice makes the master.

As I later realized, this principle applies to almost everything else, especially cutting paper.

When I made “The Pebbles Think They’re Buddha,” I had to do what I try to avoid at all cause – re-cut. The problem is not the pebbles but the up side down shadow of the buddha. When a silhouette is seen up side down, it is more difficult for the eyes to recognize it right away unless it is very clear and distinct.

The buddha shadow on the left is too vague and the right is much better, although I did not like how thick the neck looked. Click to see larger image.

Buddha shadow tests

Buddha shadow tests

So the third time’s a charm, the final version (click to see larger image):

The Pebbles Think They're Buddha

The Pebbles Think They're Buddha, rice paper cutout on silk, 12.25x12.25", 2010


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