What the Monarch Remembers

This is a new miniature I just completed tonight. I very seldom fold the paper in half to cut but the symmetry of the monarch butterfly called for it. Here’s the template and finished cutout side by side.

Cutting miniature is, in fact, more difficult than large pieces because everything is so much smaller. In order to show detail that my works are known for, in a miniature it becomes more demanding and challenging.

The idea behind “What the Monarch Remembers” is from the monarch butterflies’ fall migration. They somehow miraculously find their way. So I imagine a monarch butterfly remembers what it saw during the long journey from the North to Mexico.

In this tiny piece, the monarch butterfly remembers seeing trees being cut down and a stormy ocean with birds circling above the clouds and lightning bolts.

The dimension of this paper cutout is determined by the wing span of the monarch butterfly – usually no greater than 4.75 inches.

What the Monarch Remembers

What the Monarch Remembers, template and rice paper cutout, 4.75x3.20", 2010


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