20 Reasons Why I Love Cutting Paper

  1. The sensation when the tip of the razor sharp X-acto knife blade touches the soft rice paperpieces of paper on carpet
  2. The gratification it brings when a shape is cutout, no matter how tiny it is
  3. The pride it gives me when I cut a perfectly straight line or circle free hand
  4. The unstoppable, addictive nature of the craft
  5. The stillness
  6. The total concentration it demands
  7. The pain I feel in my body after a long day of cutting
  8. How alive I feel
  9. The adrenaline rush it gives me when I am about to complete a piece
  10. The vulnerability of the paper with incalculable holes in it
  11. How light I breathe and delicate I move when handling the paper cutout
  12. The happiness it gives me when I lift the paper cutout up and it doesn’t fall apart
  13. The shadow it casts
  14. The simplicity and honesty of the materials, tools, and process
  15. The complexity it is capable of
  16. All the unwanted little pieces of paper on the floor
  17. How difficult it is to make
  18. When I save an almost irreversible mistake
  19. The silence
  20. How one work opens the door to the next

5 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why I Love Cutting Paper

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  2. Hi Just saw your work on paper crave. Love your 20 reasons… I am also a paper artist, I have never thought about putting into words what it feels like make paper cuts but you have summed it up exactly. Claire

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