Making a Video

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette came to my studio on Tuesday to make a video of my work and process. It will be up on their Web site next week.

This is the first video documenting my work and making it was quite interesting. My creative process is necessarily solitary. Apparently, I was not used to have a camera in my face so it felt awkward in the beginning. There was no rehearsal or do-over. It was very spontaneous. Besides the videographer, the newspaper’s art critic was also present. All the questions they asked me I didn’t know ahead of time.

The video will only be a few minutes long but we did an hour of show and tell. So I am curious how it would come together after the editing.

But hopefully, the video will be interesting because there are quite a few new pieces no one has ever seen before, like the one shown here in detail shot. This piece is said to be the videographer’s favorite.

New paper cutout (detail)

New paper cutout (detail)

Please check back next week for the link to view the video.


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